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Ancre 1
Available in Montréal for Duos with Deva
Week of July 15th & August 5th 2024 - Only

Freya - Tantric Ritualist

​For nearly 10 years, I have undertaken training in Quebec - such as certification as a practitioner in ritual work with Hor rites of passages - and internationally as a trainer and facilitator of ''Trauma Informed Sensual Embodiment '' with Sensual Somatics. I qualify as a ritualist and mentor on all things related to the sacred feminine. I have learned so much about the power of rituals through my own journey of transformation and by accompanying my sisters on their own journey of empowerment.

I have accompanied hundreds of women to reclaim and embody the most complete and authentic expression of their sensuality, their creativity and their power.

With Venus Tantra, I open my wings to reveal the power of the sacred feminine to both men and women so that as many people as possible can in turn discover their sacred gifts and be aligned on the path of their soul.

Authenticity - Self love - Expansion - Service
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