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Tantra Day for Couples

Schedule :  9am to 5pm


Invitation  :   

Join other couples who like you want to move to another level of consciousness to explore their sensuality and sexuality differently.

Proposition : 

1. A start in dynamic meditation to circulate the energy in the body.
2. A Cocoa ceremony to open the heart and anchor yourself in the present moment
3. A connection ritual for the couple to get out of ordinary life and open up to the world of the subconscious.
4. The practice of relaxation breathing to activate the para-sympathetic system
5. Light energy exchanges to balance feminine and masculine energy
6. The exercise of conscious gaze to be in touch with our emotions in relation to the other.
7. Meditative touch to develop sensuality in consciousness and the quality of presence
8. Tantric massage to learn new techniques and experience special sensatio

What is included
  • Floor mattress with fitted sheet

  • Meditation chairs

  • Ceremonial cup and cocoa

  • Dinner (spring rolls with prawns, tuna, salmon and vegetarian).

  • Flowers for couples ritual

What to bring
  • Comfortable clothes to move

  • Sarong (available on Amazon)*

  • One towel per person

  • A resealable water bottle

  • massage gel

  • Lubricant



In order to cover the room rental costs, food, flowers, chocolate and the presence of 2 assistants, the requested contribution is $400 per couple.

A minimum of 4 couples is required. A 50% deposit is required upon registration. I reserve the right to cancel the event if there are not enough participants at most one week before the date. In which case, your deposit will be returned to you.

Questions ?

Ecstatic Temple


5505 rue d'Iberville

Thank you
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