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Venus Tantra

Venus Tantra

Venus Tantra's mission is to make Tantrism accessible to all.

Venus Tantra guides you on the path to liberation and expansion of the inner potential that is within.

Venus Tantra celebrates the flow of energy and Love which is the basis of everything.


Venus Tantra offers modern learning. Thus following the path of NeoTantra and SlowSex.

Venus Tantra is first and foremost a space to let go of the ego, stress, expectations

to discover life from another angle and find healing.


Venus Tantra offers Tantra sessions with exercises and massages

as well as coaching sessions for men, women and couples.

Welcome to all ! Men, women or couples;
let me be your tantric guide to lead you on the path of Tantra / sacred sex. Follow me for more sensuality and desire to connect to divine ecstasy.
Much more than a tantric massage!
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Services are offered at my home in Montreal on the Plateau Mont-Royal from May to October. A room is dedicated for a sacred space which acts as a "small temple".

Je vous invite à consulter le site web du Costa Rica pour les sessions et séjours offerts du mois de Décembre à avril.

le tantrisme

What is Tantrism?

Tantrism is a practice inspired by the Hindu religion and which dates back to the 5th century. It combines meditation with sexuality. Following the principles of meditation, tantra aims to achieve, in the full state of consciousness, an "awakened" sexuality. New language, new communication for better self-discovery.

This sacred dimension is achieved by the fusion between the masculine and the feminine

(represented in Hindu temples, by Shakti and Shiva).

Tantrism is active meditation. It involve action instead of static meditation.

This dynamic practice uses the body as a tool which anchors us in the present moment and which opens the way to a lucid and benevolent encounter with oneself. Tantrism also leads to a deep encounter with the other.


Sexuality is part of the development of the individual and leads to its full development by promoting the circulation of energy. Pleasure reaches the whole body, not just the genitals.

Tantra is to love deeply and cherish all of life. Through this love, our pure essence is expressed. Tantrism is a path of life. How we make love is how we create the life we lead and vice versa. OSHO

Deva Venus

Tantric Guide

I come from a traditional Quebec family and we went to church on Sundays.

I am hypersensitive and life has taken its toll on me.

I am diagnosed with Moderate Severe Attention Disorder.  I used to lacked confidence in myself

and I had difficulty maintaining healthy relationships with those around me.

Endowed with determination and courage, I studied business administration to prove to myself and to others that I was capable. I passed my baccalaureate and started my career in organizing events. The entrepreneur in me and the call of freedom led me to the career of a real estate broker.

However, I did not feel nourished by the business world. As if I was out of place. In an effort to understand myself better, I went on a 5 months journey in Asia. I found my first big answer at the Ahsram Osho center in Puna, India. In February 2009 I received the name of Venus who is the goddess of oceans, love & feminine beauty in Roman mythology. She is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The prefix Deva means divine in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language.

When I returned, I wanted to share Tantrism with the world, but I was not ready. In parallel to my work as a real estate broker, I undertook personal and spiritual growth trainings over a period of 10 years.  Over the years, I have always continued to practice yoga while incorporating active meditation techniques such as PowerShaking. I seriously started offering tantra sessions and tantric massages in 2019.

It is in meditation now that I find the space to fully receive myself and connect with the divine within me. I searched outside myself  only to find the path to my heart and self love was within.  I am aligned with my inner truth. I decide to be authentic with who I am: a sensual healer who invites us to give back to the body the part of the divine Temple which is to feel fully with all our senses (smell, hearing, sight, touch).

I believe that we are a divine soul living a human body. We experience good and bad. We want to transmute fear to live in joy. I believe that there are other astral planes than this life in 3 dimensions. I believe in life after death. I believe there are angels, guides and loving spirits around us. There is a balance of feminine energies that is found all over the Universe, from heaven and earth to within us, whether we are male or female.

It is my pleasure to share with you my beliefs, my experiences and my well-being tools. I speak French, English and a little Spanish.


My mission is to live pleasant and enriching experiences in deep connection with the other

and participate in the Awakening of global consciousness in the new earth frequency.


These words sum up my personal philosophy:


qui suis je

My experiences



Introduction to Tantra at Osho Meditation Center-Pune, India


Tantra Workshop Rituals and deities, Agama Center- Koh Phangan, Thailand



Tantra workshop, private location-San Diego, California



200 hour yoga teacher training, Nosara Yoga Institute-Nosara, Costa Rica



Non-directive and creative approach, Help Relation Center-Montreal, Canada



Level 1 ISTA, International School of Temple Arts-Val-Morin, Canada



Awakening & Rebirths, Personal Development Institute-Knowlton, Canada



Practitioner in Neurolinguistic programming coaching, Center Quebecois de PNL-Montreal, Canada



Tantra workshop, private location-Byron Bay, Australia


Shamanic work on Wheel of Medicine in amerindien traditions, Laurentides, Canada


Priestess teachings and activations codes.  Online


Bloom mentoring and Embodiement program with Jennifer Ackad, CostaRica

I salute the divine in you. Where you come from and where I come from, we are the same light, the same vibration.
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